PCHS Student Parking Registration

July 27, 2017

Perquimans County High School




Student Name                            Age                         Grade



Student’s ID #                           Student’s 1st Period Teacher & Room #


Make of Vehicle    Year                Model                               Color                       License Plate #


Owner’s Name                                                  Relationship to Student


Students may park ONLY in their assigned parking space in the Student Lot. Students are required to secure a parking permit and display it on the rear view mirror with the P facing the outside of the vehicle.  The parking lot is off limits to students throughout the school day.  The following rules must be observed:

  1. Faculty and visitor parking areas in front of the school are OFF LIMITS to student drivers.  No parking is allowed for students across Edenton Road St. in front of school, the designated staff and visitor parking areas,  near ball fields, bus lot, bus loop, and road adjacent to the ALC.  Violators are subject to towing and storage fees as well as loss of parking privileges.
  2. Observe laws & safety rules for school buses boarding/deboarding students at PCHS and on the roads/streets.
  3. Do NOT drop off or pick up any students in the lot or loop in front of the school.  It is for PARENTS ONLY!
  4. Respect others and their property.  Do not block others when parking your vehicle.
  5. Report any damage to your vehicle or any other vehicle immediately to the School Resource Officer.
  6. No weapons, alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances of any description are allowed in any vehicle on campus.
  7. Leave and enter at a safe speed through Jimmy Hunter Drive only.  Parking lot speed limit is 10 MPH.
  8. If you have a class in the Auto Shop, do NOT drive your vehicle to or from the class unless authorized by an administrator.    
  9. Observe speed limits around campus.  Safe driving in and around the school will be enforced.  No loud music, spinning tires, “cutting doughnuts,” or  “piping”(revving motor).
  10. After parking your vehicle, lock it, and enter the school building.  No one is allowed to remain in vehicles or in the parking lot or go to the parking lot during the school day without permission from the administration or designee.
  11. Do not “loan” your parking sticker to anyone.  “Loan it and Lose it.”
  12. Students who drive off campus during the school day without signing out in the Main Office are subject to loss of parking privileges and face possible suspension.
  13. Student drivers are not allowed to take other student passengers without permission from the administration or designee.
  14. Drivers and all passengers must wear their seatbelts at all times.
  15. Once your vehicle comes on school property, you are at school and all school rules apply.

The law, local ordinances, School Board Policy, safety issues, and common sense will govern the privilege of parking on campus.

My signature below indicates that I understand the rules both written on this page and implied under the terms of the previous paragraph and I agree to abide by the same.  I further understand that any parking violations may result in towing and storage fees as well as suspension of parking privileges for the semester or year depending on the offense.


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